Meetings & Events

The Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa’s mix of intriguing adventures appeal to businesses seeking a unique oceanfront environment for their meetings, and a memorable launch point for their next level of success. Our ocean-view event venues are welcoming sites for executive retreats, conferences and seminars, while our ballrooms have adjacent outdoor terraces and beautiful waterfront settings for receptions and social events. The Outdoor Plaza is a stunning, open-air location for private cocktail parties, banquets, weddings or barbecues.

Our genuinely caring associates are experts in providing attentive, personalized service for your event, including catering, conference services and entertainment. Our on-site audio visual team provides comprehensive audiovisual services, from computer data projection to full concert sound systems.

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Conference RoomsClassroomTheatreConferenceHollow SquareU-ShapeBanquetCeiling HeightLength x WidthSquare Feet
Dolphins1504356060442409'7"56.4 x 59.63334
Dolphins Foyer------10'16 x 21314
Monterey Bay10220048344516010'5"56 x 35.62365
Ocean Club27442222254010'8"25 x 25675
Carmel 135842634248010'27 x 32.4861
Carmel 240842634248010'25 x 32.4796
Carmel 1 & 28416848524915010'52 x 32.41657
John Steinbeck--2020--10'6"14 x 27.8374
Fairway Hosp.18322020143210'6"18.8 x 23448
Cypress Ballroom 130702230245010'23.4 x 35.4820
Cypress Ballroom 230702230245010'23.4 x 35.4820
Cypress Ballroom 330702230245010'23.4 x 35.4820
Cypress Ballroom 430702230245010'23.4 x 35.4820
Cypress Total240500---35010'79.6 x 46.83725
Cypress 1 & 27215046544212010'35.4 x 46.81636
Cypress Foyer 1 & 212017052604816010'44 x 46.82024
Pt. Lobos 136562222184010'28.0 x 24.0618
Pt. Lobos 254703030246010'36 x 24837
Pt. Lobos 1 & 29013650504511010'64 x 241455
Big Sur 112201414-169'6"24 x 13.3316
Big Sur 212201818-209'6"24 x 17.8400
Big Sur 312201818-209'6"24 x 17.6398
Big Sur 1, 2 & 34280404038709'6"24 x 48.61114
Stevenson 112241818-209'6"15.6 x 22.4322
Stevenson 212241818-209'6"15.6 x 22.4322
Stevenson 1 & 22448303024509'6"31 x 22.4644
Upper Plaza-600---400--21,500 *
10,795 **
Lower Terrace-200---110--5400 *
2300 **

Meeting Venues

Cypress Ballroom

This contemporary and elegant ballroom is adaptable for a variety of events; an operable partition can divide the room in half or fourths. The adjacent pre- and post-function Lower Terrace accesses some of the most spectacular scenery in Monterey, providing guests with a memorable ‘wow’ factor in this deluxe event venue.

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Lower Terrace

With a grand staircase leading down from the Upper Plaza, this location epitomizes the Northern California coastal experience. The Lower Terrace has sweeping views of the Monterey Bay, providing event attendees with the perfect vantage point for observing the abundance of marine wildlife on the Monterey Peninsula.

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Ocean Club

So versatile, so unique. Both small and large groups adore this contemporary and elegant event venue, which can be adapted for everything from group registration to intimate dinners. With a fireplace, ocean-view balcony and private bathrooms, this hotel conference room has an intimate feel that’s more like a suite than a function room.

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Dolphins Ballroom

This unique venue is situated directly over Monterey Bay, where guests are inspired by the 180-degree views of the marine environment. With an adjacent Upper Plaza, the large terrace is a perfect pre-function area for ballroom events. Private bathrooms make this room ideal for all-day events.

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Monterey Bay Room

With doors leading to a small terrace perched above the waters of Monterey Bay, this beautiful ocean-view event venue is a favorite for sunrise breakfasts, elegant lunches, dinners and receptions.

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Upper Plaza

Situated over the waters of Monterey Bay, this expansive oceanside terrace has panoramic 180-degree views of the Monterey Bay and the surrounding coastline, making it ideal for all types of special events and hotel conferences.

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Steinbeck Boardroom

Perfect for high-level meetings, this boardroom has gorgeous views of Monterey Bay, with French doors leading to an outside terrace. A built-in boardroom table with inlaid wood provides seating for 12 in ergonomic executive chairs.

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Carmel 1 & 2

Sophisticated audiovisual presentations are no problem in this elegant meeting room. It can be adapted for a variety of events; an operable partition can divide the room in half, great for smaller meetings. With easy access to the Lower Terrace, this event venue can be used as the primary meeting room for smaller groups or as breakout space for larger groups.

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Point Lobos 1 & 2

Point Lobos functions well as a breakout room for large groups, and is also perfect for elegant dinners or receptions. An operable partition divides this room in half, providing flexibility for small or mid-sized meetings

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Robert Louis Stevenson 1 & 2

With rich dark wood paneling and a built-in flat screen HDTV, this hotel conference room is ideal for high-level executive board meetings or as a breakout room for larger groups.

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Big Sur 1, 2, & 3

Adjacent to both the Pt. Lobos and the Robert Louis Stevenson rooms, and connected by a common foyer, Big Sur 1, 2 & 3 is perfect for smaller meetings or larger group breakouts. The common foyer makes an excellent gathering point for morning and afternoon breaks.

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