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At Vista Blue Spa, tranquility surrounds you. Welcome to the wellness found only on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. From the gentle rhythms of the Monterey Bay to the panoramic views from our sundeck, spa living supports the restoration and rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit.

Let the warmth of the sun, the mist of the fog, and the fresh ocean breeze awaken your senses. Whether you are here for an hour, a day, or maintain a spa lifestyle,

Vista Blue Spa is your tranquil sanctuary.


Classic Massage
Traditional Swedish massage to provide a sense of balance and refreshed body, mind and spirit. Light to medium pressure.
50 min: $170 | 80 min: $220

Warm Stone Massage
Combining the traditional Swedish massage and the deep penetrating heat of warmed stones, this treatment will increase your level of relaxation and melt away stress and tension.
80 min: $220

Mother 2 Be Massage
This massage experience provides relaxation and aids in relieving physical discomforts during this beautiful time of change. Supportive cushions available.
50 min: $170 | 80 min: $220 

Deep Tissue Massage
Sports style massage providing deeper work into the muscle tissue. Can target specific muscle aches and issues. Perfect for the athlete and weekend warrior alike.
50 min: $180 | 80 min: $230

Aromatherapy Massage
The healing benefit of pure essential oils blended to create a wellness journey. Based on your current state of being, a personal selection of blends are incorporated into a therapeutic and relaxing massage.
50 min: $180 | 80 min: $230

Combine any massage as a couples massage in one of our select couples' treatment suites. Any combination as long as same time duration.


Classic Facial
Based on the classic European traditions, this facial will provide skin analysis, thorough cleansing, mask and light facial massage.
50 min: $170 | 80 min: $220

Wellness Facial
Combining traditional European skills with locally derived essential oils, this facial provides a gentle and natural way to increase the health and vitality of your of your skin. 
50 min: $170 | 80 min: $220

Brightening Facial
Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, the specific ingredients provide instant brightening and hydration.
50 min: $180 | 80 min: $230

Clarifying Facial
A treatment to reduce bacteria and acne while delivering powerful healing antioxidants to simultaneously nourish and hydrate your skin, leaving it feeling invigorated and clear.
50 min: $180 | 80 min: $230

Soothing Facial
Instantly cool and soothe irritated and compromised skin with unique ingredients high in nutrients to reduce inflammation while repairing and rejuvenating your skin. 
50 min: $180 | 80 min: $230

Defense Facial
The antidote to the urban lifestyle. Stressed and dull skin resulting from today’s fast paced life will be corrected and the aging of the skin, slowed. Unique massage creates a true escape from the every day.
50 min: $190 | 80 min: $240

Rejuvenating Oxygen Facial
The cooling and calming effects of oxygen under light pressure increase the absorption of select serums to promote hydration, firming and plumping for immediate results.
50 min: $220 | 80 min: $270

Spa Suite

Immerse yourself in a peaceful bath while overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay.
Be at one with the waves, find peace of mind and luxuriate in the surroundings that only Vista Blue Spa can provide.

The benefits of hydrotherapy have long been known to relieve stress, muscle aches, and aid in detoxification. Our soaking tubs and rain shower allow you to immerse yourself in the healing benefits of water.

Our Spa Suite is designed to allow you time to reflect, time to breathe, time to be. Whether you choose to use the time alone or with a companion, relax and rejuvenate surrounded by beauty.

Choose from the following selection of bath enhancements:

Coconut Milk
Hydrating and soothing

Himalayan Salt
Detoxifying and healing

Aromatherapy – seasonal wellness blends
Renew and restore

Private Spa Suite

Individual | 2 Hours | $270

Couple | 2 Hours | $340


Couples Bubbly
50 min: $445 | 80 min: $555
Couples Classic Massage, Couples Bath

Includes fireside bath overlooking the bay, private balcony, and refreshments. No substitutions.

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